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 Army Research Operations Symposium (AORS)


AORS occurs once each year. It is a multi-day event that provides an excellent opportunity for Army Operations Research analysts to meet with their colleagues, present their best work, and exchange professional knowledge, experiences, and insights. The symposium provides a forum for sharing information and experience gained from ongoing and recently completed analyses. It also exposes practitioners to constructive critique and, in general, broadens the perspective of the analytical community.



All AORS activities are presented in UNCLASSIFIED environments. All presentations and discussions are kept at the unclassified level, so that information can be released to general and international audiences. Results of field operations and equipment evaluations are not presented or discussed. There is no requirement for attendees to submit security clearances.

In the past, representatives have attended from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom. Accordingly, all subject material must be releasable to general and international audiences. Therefore, a Disclosure Certification must accompany each abstract and presentation submitted for consideration as part of this year's event.