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Army Operations Research Symposium (AORS)

AORS occurs once each year.  It is an unclassified multi-day event that provides an excellent opportunity for Army Operations Research analysts to meet with their colleagues, present their best work, and exchange professional knowledge, experiences, and insights.  The symposium provides a forum for sharing information and experience gained from ongoing and recently completed analyses.  It also exposes practitioners to constructive critique and, in general, broadens the perspective of the analytical community.

In the past, representatives have attended from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom.  Accordingly, all subject material must be For Public Release to general and international audiences.

Operations Research History

History of Operations Research in the United States Army, is a three-volume set by Charles R. Shrader, each covering a different time span.  Operations research (OR) emerged during World War II as an important means of assisting civilian and military leaders in making scientifically sound improvements in the design and performance of weapons and equipment.  OR techniques were soon extended to address questions of tactics and strategy during the war and, after the war, to matters of high-level political and economic policy.  Until now, the story of why and how the U.S. Army used OR has remained relatively obscure.  This comprehensive history offers important insights into the natural tension between military leaders and civilian scientists, the establishment and growth of Army OR organizations, the use of OR techniques, and the many contributions that OR managers and analysts have made to the growth and improvement of the Army since 1942.  The latter two volumes bring the story up to modern times.  This account should be of interest not only to the Army's analysis community, but also to civilian leaders and military commanders and staff officers at all levels.

OR History, Volume I, 1942-1962
OR History, Volume II, 1961-1973
OR History, Volume III, 1973-1995

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Each year AORS inducts historically distinguished U.S. Army operations research practitioners into the Operations Research Systems Analysis (ORSA) Hall of Fame.  Mr. Walter W. Hollis, the former Deputy Undersecretary of the Army for Operations Research, chartered the ORSA Hall of Fame in March 2004.

The ORSA Hall of Fame honors those individuals who have contributed significantly to US Army Operations Research and Systems Analysis over a sustained period of time, have significantly impacted US Army Operations Research and Systems Analysis through doctrinal or technical accomplishment and innovative development, and have demonstrated outstanding personal leadership and noteworthy achievements that inspired others in the area of operations research.

The charter of the ORSA Hall of Fame names the US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, as its permanent location.  The ORSA Hall of Fame is governed by a Board of Directors representing the leadership of the major analytic entities of the Army, who each year reviews the nominations and vote to induct up to two inductees per year.  A 60-day nomination period begins each April wherein anyone can nominate an individual for consideration. Nominees can be any US Army Soldier or DA civilian, living or deceased.

2020 Inductees

Dr. William Forrest Crain - Selected in 2020, to be Inducted in 2021
Ms. Donna K. Vargas - Selected in 2020, to be Inducted in 2021

U.S. Army ORSA Hall of Fame Recipients

2020 MG (Ret) John G. Ferrari   Plaque
2019 BG (Ret) James L. Kays
2018 Mr. David J. Shaffer
2017 Mr. James C. Cooke
2016 Mr. Robert W. Young,  Mr. Ronald G. Magee
2015 GEN (Ret) Benjamin S. Griffin
2014 GEN (Ret) David M. Maddox,  Dr. James Streilein
2013 Mr. E. B. Vandiver III,  Mr. Michael F. Bauman
2012 Mr. Leon F. Goode,  Mr. Philip E. Louer,  Mr. Roy F. Reynolds
2011 Mr. Raymond G. Pollard III,  Mr. Morgan G. Smith
2010 COL Leslie Griffin (Griff) Callahan, Jr., Ph.D.
2009 Mr. Daniel O'Neill
2008 Mr. Seymour Goldberg,  Mr. Pete Reid
2007 Dr. Samuel Parry
2006 Mr. Abe Golub,  Mr. Walter Hollis
2005 Dr. Marion Bryson, Mr. Keith Myers
2004 Dr. Wilbur B. Payne,  Dr. Joseph Sperrazza,  GEN Max Thurman,  Mr. Hunter Woodall