59th AORS 2021

Army Operations Research Symposium

14-15 September

100% Virtual - Abstract Submissions Closed

Theme: Modernization and Analytics at the Speed of Need

The Army Operations Research Symposium is an unclassified event, open to all U.S. Government employees and contractors and to approved foreign personnel from U.S. allied, NATO, and other partner nations.
All AORS activities are presented in FOR PUBLIC RELEASE environments.  All presentations and discussions are kept at the For Public Release level, so that information can be released to general and international audiences.  Results of field operations and equipment evaluations are not to be presented or discussed.

Working Groups

WG 1 Current Operations CCMD operations, Europe-Asia-Pacific analysis, Humanitarian Relief Operations, CONUS Disaster Relief, Homeland Security and current infrastructure.
WG 2 Future Capabilities Future capabilities integration, combat developments, manning and equipping the force, capabilities requirements, AoA, development of concepts, doctrine and organization.
WG 3 Sustainment Fleet analysis, logistic, deploying and sustaining the force, optimization, materiel and fire sustainability, operational energy, distribution, equipment analysis, and test and evaluation.
WG 4 Advances in OR, Data Science, and Technology New methods in operations research (OR), data integration and collection and applications of information technology to operations research problems.
WG 5 Manpower, Personnel and Training Analysis Manpower requirements determination, enhance training, soldier and team performance (develop future leaders) recruiting, retention, casualty and medical analysis.
WG 6 Modeling and Simulation (M&S) M&S development, data collection in support of M&S, defining future requirements for M&S applications and best practices in support of wargaming.
WG 7 Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) Analysis Analysis to examine the effects and capabilities of Cyberspace Operations, Signal/Communications Networks, and Electronic Warfare, and the impact on DOTMLP-F decisions and the Warfighter.
WG 8 Wargaming Existing and innovative wargaming techniques and tools, lessons learned, advances in analytical approaches, and data collection and synthesis.
WG 9 Multi-Domain Operations Analysis examining how the Army operates as part of the Joint Force by employing the Multi-Domain Operations Concept to overcome the challenges of the future operating environment.

Please reference working group numbers on the abstract sumission form for consideration.

Submitting Final Presentations

Presentation Disclosure Form

All final presentation submissions must be accompanied by a completed AORS Presentation Disclosure Form, provided above as a fillable PDF file for download.  The form must be signed by an authorized Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO) or Public Affairs Officer, as required by your nation.

Submit presentations as either a PowerPoint file or PDF file to the AORS Staff via email.  Please plan to make arrangements with the WG co-chairs to do a dry run prior to the actual briefing to ensure compatibility with the online format.  Final AORS briefings are due 13 August.

AORS will not share the briefings digitally.  If you are interested in a specific briefing, please contact that briefer to request a copy.  

For further information, contact the AORS Staff, at  usarmy.belvoir.hqda-dcs-g-8.mbx.caa-aors@mail.mil